“After the birth of my first daughter, I suffered from severe anxiety due to a hormonal shock to my nervous system after childbirth. Within one day of being assessed by Margo and being treated with a homeopathic remedy I experienced results and became a firm believer in homeopathic remedies. My anxiety levels were immediately under control and I was able to sleep after five days on sleep deprivation. It was truly a miracle and I was so grateful for Margo’s expertise in assessing the root of my anxiety and prescribing a remedy for me which brought me back to life.”
— M.N. Chula Vista, California
Over two years ago, my daughter began having medical issues that were progressively getting worse. With each new symptom, new tests were being ordered, new diagnosis were being made and new pharmaceuticals were being prescribed. Not only was she not getting better, but she seemed to be developing more issues. We began to believe that it was all the medications she was taking. With the approval from her physician, we took her off all the pharmaceuticals and began working with Margo Cohen. Within three days she began to feel better. With her very first meeting, she began to heal physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. Her success with Margo’s methods over the last few years has encouraged me to also become a patient to help with some of my minor symptoms. I am able to meet with her via Skype as I do not live in the city where she practices. Margo’s unique ability to treat the whole you… mind, body and soul, has been a refreshing, and quite frankly, life changing process for both my daughter and me. Thank you, Margo!
— L.P. Folsom, California
I was very fortunate to be able to work with Margo as I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis and did not and could not take the prescribed medicine for the condition. With Margo’s professional support, I have been able to utilize homeopathic remedies that have stimulated my own body to keep up with its calcium needs and offset bone density decline....Impressively, she is committed to helping people heal in a positive and wholesome way.
— L.P. La Jolla, California